The Cartrangers Squard is Cartrollers’ Affiliate Program. It is free and enables members to earn extra revenue. They earn by placing a link or links on their website, which advertises Cartrollers and her products or specific products. Any sales made to customers through those links, the affiliate earns a commissions of up to ₦500. The fixed amount of earnings applies to all product categories. You can as well earn a flat rate of N200 referral commission when a Cartranger signs up using any of your links. Isn’t that exciting?



Cartrollers Affiliate Program Register

Click on the “BECOME A CARTRANGER” button to register for FREE


Cartrollers Affiliate Program Promote

Copy the link of a product and paste on your affiliate page to generate a link.


Cartrollers Affiliate Program Sales

Share the generated link everywhere for people to shop through it.


Cartrollers Affiliate Program Earnings

Earn commissions from every successful sale made through your shared affiliate links.

It’s easy! Earn extra cash through our Cartrangers Affiliate Partnership. Once you have followed the registration procedures above, you can start promoting immediately you are approved. On the Cartrollers Page, click on a product of choice and copy it’s link from the link bar. Paste the copied link into the provided tab in your affiliate page to generate a specific affiliate link. Paste the generated link to your website, blog or social media page in a way that customers can easily view them. Once customers click and purchase through the link, you will earn instantly. So hurry now.

To become a Cartranger, quickly click the button below to fill out the registration form: